International Youth Meeting in Ukraine, Winter 2013

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.
Henry Ford

Peer Arts,
Participants of the Youth Meeting

Dear friends!
I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the latest winter youth treff. I have attended several such programms before, but this time there was a much larger group of participants from Germany, which led to an increase of cultural diversity. To be honest, I was rather surprised to meet so many participants at Dortmund Airport just before leaving to Lviv. Although I realize that it may be more difficult to organize, I would be in favor of extending this tendency to many other people from many different countries.
Looking at my own experience, I believe that one always learns from interacting with people from other cultures. Next to that, the friendship and mutual respect that people get towards one another, can help them later on in their personal, educational or professional life. I think the program with trainings, forums, outside activities such skiing, evenings MTV-shows gives a large variety of possibilities that is interesting and a lot of fun for everyone.
It was an amazing experience, and I feel honored that I had the chance to be around so many nice, happy and enthusiastic people.
I hope to meet you all again!

P.S. Great video!! It amazingly reflects the atmosphere of the last Winter Youth Treff.